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What is Yahoo search engine ? Similar, to the Google search interface provided by Google, Yahoo search is the service offered by Yahoo! Yahoo! search In short helps you to find out the related information, videos, images, news, whatever you’re searching on the internet.

Giving its best since it was introduced back in 1995 till now, Yahoo! always adding great ideas to make there services more better, reliable and friendly use to their customers. Like many other services, Yahoo search engine is the world second mostly used search engine interface provided by Yahoo! Inc.

yahoo search official site

How to land on official site of Yahoo! search ? External link Yahoo! Search go directly. If not follow these steps :

  • Type “Yahoo search” in your search engine navigation bar and press Enter.

yahoo search

  • Click “” link.
  • it redirect you to the official site of Yahoo! search.

Search engines like Google, Bing and many more. Every, search engines are not really same. There features are different and when it comes to searching, Yahoo search has it own uniqueness.

  • It focused on keyword density|Keyword density in URL and topic tags.
  • Yahoo! search index helps to captures the full text of web pages or screen.
  • Yahoo! search provides advanced search options that specify and refine your search so, that the results be more accurate.

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