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What is Yahoo! Directory ?                                                                                                            Yahoo Directory is one of the kind, register book in the world wide web to pursue in connecting to other websites and identifying those links. In a simple way it is the well doing broad extent directory on the Internet which provides the lists of websites, sets in system defining their topics and location. You can also register your websites there if you like to.

How to get an access to Yahoo! directory home screen ? Yahoo! provides both search engine and directory but you can search it personally against the rest of the Yahoo! search results.

  • Visit the official site of Yahoo!
  • Enter “Yahoo directory” in the “search box” of the Yahoo official page and go for “search” click.

yahoo search

  • It land you in screen. Where your search result display. Click the term you were searching and there you go find lot about Yahoo! register.

This might be the long process, so i prefer direct link to Yahoo! directory.  To do so you just need to type in your browser address bar.  In no time, there you are. Click the sign in link and enter your user Id and password to get access.

yahoo directory

Or, you can also enter Yahoo! directory in your search engine address box no matter what search engine you are using. The result display as shown below. Click there.


How can i register my website in Yahoo! Directory ? Well, It offers two different ways for registering a website to the Yahoo! register or directory.

  1. Standard :  It is a no fee submission process which allows registrants to register the site for free with no U-turn and time agreement.
  2. Register via payment: In this process you must pay the amount when submitting the website on Yahoo! register. This process is much convenient and reliable than the first one.

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